Can you tell me about the practice?

Dr. Cederquist founded Cederquist Medical Wellness Center in 1997 and her focus is the complete management of weight loss. Her nurse practitioner, Adriana Kinn, has worked alongside Dr Cederquist since 2002 and their total focus is helping patients lose weight. Every patient is looked upon as an individual and every patient will have different issues that need to be addressed and treated to create a weight loss plan for maximal results, but just as important–long term results.
Dr. Cederquist is board certified in family practice and has been board certified in the specialty of medical weight loss (Bariatric Medicine) for over ten years. She and Adriana evaluate patients thoroughly for all the reasons they may have gained weight and the factors that may be making weight loss difficult now. Specifically, they look for metabolic and hormonal issues that affect weight and they treat these so you can lose weight and keep it off.

What does the initial consultation consist of?

When a new patient makes an appointment, we reserve one hour for him or her to meet with Dr. Cederquist or Adriana. A thorough weight management history and medical history is obtained and this is followed by a physical exam. The doctor will determine if it sounds like there are medical issues, metabolic issues, hormonal issues, lifestyle issues, or behavioral issues (such as binge eating) contributing to the weight gain. She may also consider vitamin deficiencies or food allergies as a potential contributor to the problem. She will then arrange for blood tests to evaluate these metabolic and medical concerns. If you come to the appointment fasting, lab work can be drawn at the time of the exam, unless it is in the afternoon or if you prefer to return at another time for the tests.

What does the medical staff do with all of that information?

The doctor uses all of this data to determine what nutritional and metabolic weight loss plan you need. She will create a dietary prescription and one of our three full-time dietitians will create a meal plan that fits into the specific parameters needed, while at the same time, taking into account your lifestyle, your likes and food preferences. The medical staff will determine if you need certain dietary supplements or medications based upon your tests and your results each week.

How are you different from Results or other commercial weight loss programs?

What makes our program unique and different from any other in Naples is that we are a medical facility, and equipped to handle almost every type of weight management problem. We specialize in the treatment of hormonal weight gain after menopause, as well as in the treatment of children and adolescents. We routinely get referrals from physicians for complex medical patients such as those with heart disease or diabetes or liver or kidney issues. Our program is very successful due to its comprehensive nature and the years of experience of the doctor and her nurse practitioner.
A few other programs in town may include medical monitoring, or the use of prescription diet pills, but Dr. Cederquist remains the only board certified Bariatric Physician in Naples, FL. Her focus is to evaluate and treat all the complexities that may affect weight and create an individualized plan for each patient. Other commercial centers may employ counselors who have no formal nutrition training. They do not have the ability to customize a meal plan for patients who want something different, like all organic foods, or to avoid all dairy, soy or artificial substances. Many patients have shared their experience with us that these commercial weight loss centers required the purchase of protein bars or products as the only answer to their weight loss problem.

I have Medicare, can I use this?

Medicare does not cover the treatment of weight and for this reason Dr. Cederquist is not a Medicare provider. However, we have quite a few Medicare patients who have chosen to work with us over the years because they value what we do. As a person ages, they are more likely to have medical and metabolic issues which complicate the weight loss process. Treatment by a specialist in Bariatric (weight loss) medicine is preferable, but also essential for patients with complicated health histories. They need a safe and comprehensive program to lose weight

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts if family members decide to join the comprehensive program as well. Please call our office to find out more.

I want to avoid certain foods, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and do more all-natural, organic foods. Is this possible?

Definitely. When you meet with your dietician, you can discuss your food preferences, likes, dislikes, and together you will both come up with a meal plan that works for you. If you have food allergies, we can also cater to these needs and formulate a program around your specific dietary requirements.


What if I only have ten pounds to lose?

Many of our patients only need to lose ten pounds but find it challenging to lose any weight at all. Dr. Cederquist specializes in patients who are metabolically “stuck” and will employ a variety of techniques to help her patients get to their goals. This may involve a change in diet, use of supplements or medications depending upon the results of the evaluation and testing. We cannot tell solely from the number of extra pounds what sort of metabolic issue a person has. We sometimes find that patients with only a modest amount of weight to lose can still have significant metabolic/hormonal issues, which keep them from losing any weight at all.

What if lab tests didn't find any problems?

Please bring your test results in to your initial consult, or you can sign a request for us to obtain your labs prior to your visit. Dr. Cederquist and Adriana will look at those from the point of view of metabolic issues that affect weight and may see some connections. They may very well order additional tests that aren’t normally ordered as part of a physical in order to evaluate your weight issue more thoroughly

Does the doctor prescribe medications to help you lose weight?

The medical staff will determine if you can benefit from medications and if they will be safe for you. We utilize many different tools to help patients lose weight and medications are an option. Many of our patients find they do not need “diet” medications and can lose weight once their metabolic issues are fully diagnosed and treated with the correct treatment plan. Many of our patients have medical conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure which makes the use of diet medications risky. The treatment plan is designed to work without medication, but medication as an adjunct treatment may be considered if Dr. Cederquist feels it would be safe to do so.

Do you have more than one program for weight loss?

Yes. All of our weight loss programs are customized to the patient. Some patients need testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and replacement of what is deficient in addition to their meal plan. Other patients have more social or behavioral issues that affect their weight. We have two therapists on staff who specialize in emotional eating issues and binge eating issues. We treat children differently than we do teenagers than we do adults and every person has their own medical and lifestyle issues. The foundation for the weight loss treatment is the medical evaluation to determine what is going on in YOUR body. Then a meal plan, supplement plan and potentially medications are prescribed to address your issues

Does insurance cover the cost of the program?

Most patients have metabolic conditions that have a medical diagnosis code, which is determined after Dr. Cederquist and Adriana do their evaluation. For example: high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, and vitamin deficiency are all medical diagnoses that insurance companies cover and will often reimburse our patients for. We are not a preferred provider on most insurance plans as many do not have a category for bariatric medicine. For that reason we are considered by most plans to be an Out of Network Provider. The majority of our patients get some insurance reimbursement for what we do however, it is health plan specific.

Does the medical staff coordinate my care with other doctors?

Absolutely. The medical staff corresponds with your treating physicians and will call if they have concerns about your conditions or weight loss progress. Dr. Cederquist or Adriana may also refer your to other physicians if they feel you have a medical reason to be seen by another doctor.

What is your success rate?

Our patients are very successful! We have patients of all different ages and many who are medically quite complex. We have many patients who have lost more than 100 pounds without surgery. The majority of our patients are looking to lose 30-50 pounds, however Dr. Cederquist sees people of all ages with all types of weight loss goals.
Many of our patients want to reduce medications, lower cholesterol, treat or prevent diabetes, decrease high blood pressure, improve their sleep, and have more energy and vitality in addition to looking better. We are often able to see these changes after only a few weeks on this medical weight management program. Because of the comprehensive nature of our program we address the metabolic, nutritional, behavioral, lifestyle, and medical issues our patients have and when these are all addressed long term success can be achieved.

Does the practice use HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)?

Dr. Cederquist is familiar with the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) protocol and has researched it extensively. This is not something she usually recommends, but she considers all medical treatments on a patient by patient basis.



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